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These are the Terms and Conditions regarding instruction in the teaching of the Sacred System of Primordial Alchemist (“Association”). You acknowledge the following:

  1. You affirm that they are of sound and clear mind, will operate all interactions with the Association in clean hands and full faith, and will protect and guard the sacred arts. Your word is your bond.

  2. You desire to be instructed in the sacred system and meditative and physical postures and exercises led by Association, including but not limited to breathing and meditative methods, awakening of dormant brain potentials and energy centers, spontaneous movement of the body, jumping, standing with arms in various positions for long periods of time, rolling, crawling, going underwater, hiking, running, spinning, walking, and moving energy inside the body known herein as the “Sacred System.” 

  3. You understand that Association’s system and accompanying Materials and Sacred System (books, instruction manuals and/or other materials) have been federally registered with the U.S. Copyright Office and that you are not to duplicate, disseminate, distribute, post or otherwise transmit on-line or in any other manner without the express, prior written approval of Association.  Any such unauthorized use of the Materials may subject you to an action for common law copyright infringement.

  4. You agree to not take any photographs, videos, film or record any audio or otherwise duplicate or create products or share any of the instructions, Materials or Sacred System of the Association which have been presented in the online event  and/or in person live events in which you have attended.

  5. You also acknowledges that the Association's teachings, instructions and Sacred System may be harmful and may cause injuries if not following the proper instruction given. You acknowledge that the spiritual system can be physically demanding.

  6. You represent and warrant that you are healthy and able to perform all of the exercises, breathing and/or meditative techniques without risk of medical injury or impairment. 

  7. You represent that you: i) are eighteen (18) years or older  ii) do not have any type of bipolar disorder; and, iii) do not have any other medical condition which includes, but is not limited to, blood cancer, kidney dialysis, or active drug or alcohol addiction or use.  If you are not sure whether your medical condition may put you at risk, then you must ask your health  provider to give written permission for you to be involved with and participate in the sacred system and instructions of Association before enrolling in any offered online event and/or in person live events.

  8. You acknowledges that you have carefully read these terms and conditions and that you fully understands and agree with the terms and conditions hereof.

Thank you for keeping the spiritual system sacred. The consequences of failing to honor these terms and conditions may result in loss of access, binding arbitration, and/or termination of further contact with the Association.

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The One Breath

Introduction and Guided Practice

🇯🇵 このコースは日本語の字幕付きになります。

The One Breath is your original breath. This seemingly simple practice has untold benefits.

From an early age, many of us lose our root, child-like nature. By returning to our original breath, we can reclaim our original and timeless self. 

The One Breath is the merging of the inhale and the exhale through the nose, with the breath’s physical movement located at the lower dantien, or in the lowest part of the abdomen. When you breathe in and out without a gap between these two cycles, the separation or polarity starts to gradually fall away.

This course, led by Max and Diana Christensen (Mugen Roshi and Dao Shi) includes a 45 minute introduction to the One Breath followed by a 30 minute guided practice.

This course is available for 24/7 streaming access in our secure course portal. You can also use the Kajabi Mobile app for quick access to this and all of your Immortals Cavern content. 

In love and gratitude,

Primordial Alchemist


🇯🇵 このコースは日本語の字幕付きになります。
Primordial Alchemist