Immortals' Cavern has been created for the KUNLUN Cultivator to gather and learn through online courses, membership, and community. 






 Benefits of Mercury Membership

Mercury Membership

  • The Mercury Membership includes a 3 month rotating cycle of exclusive online content to deepen your practice and connect you with the KUNLUN Community. **All videos will be removed on the last day of each month. Please make sure to watch it before it is removed.
  • Month 1: Pre-Recorded Topic Talk by Mugen Roshi and Dao Shi: The teachers will record an exciting new talk on the topic of their choice. The teaching will be uploaded to your member portal the first day of the month and available all month long for your enjoyment. 
  • Month 2: Live Whispering Teapot Event with Mugen Roshi and Dao Shi:  You will have the opportunity to submit one question in advance.  Then we all gather live on Zoom to share tea, laughter, and community as the teachers answer our question.  This live event is held the first Friday of the month.  After each month's Whispering Teapot a recording will be uploaded to your member portal the Monday after the event. 
  • Month 3: A Group Practice Session: Cultivators from all over the world will gather together live on Zoom for a group practice session of the teachers choice.  The teachers may pop in themselves from time to time! 
  • 10% off Online classes with Max after 3 months of membership
  • Special Bonus content every six months of membership
  • First Announcement to all Events
  • KUNLUN Seminar $100 dollars off entry fee
  • Bonus after three months but not included in the membership, you will receive access to the Immortals' Circle community page
  • New Bonus Content every 6 months of continuous membership!
Please contact [email protected] to join.


マーキュリー 会員

  • マーキュリーメンバーシップには、皆様のプラクティスを深めクンルンコミュニティーと繋がっていく為の、3ヶ月毎のローテーションで回っていくオンラインによる限定コンテンツが含まれます。**全ての録画ビデオは月末に見れなくなりますので、それまでにしっかりと見ておくようによろしくお願い申し上げます。
  • 1回目の月:無元老師とディアナ道士が決めたトピックの録画:先生方が選んだワクワクするような新しいトピックを録画した物。こちらは月の初めにメンバーポータルにアップロードされますので、その月は録画が見放題となります。
  • 2回目の月:無元老師とディアナ道士によるライブ配信によるウィスパリング・ティーポット(茶壺の囁き):質問を一つ前もって送って頂く事が可能です。皆んなでズームに集まり、お茶を飲みながら、楽しく笑いながら、先生方が私達の質問に答えてくれるのを聴きながら過ごしましょう。その月の第一土曜日に開催されます。ウィスパリングティーポットの録画はクラス後の月曜日にイモータルキャバーンでアップロードされます。
  • 3回目の月:グループプラクティスセッション:世界中のカルティベーター達がズームで集まり先生の選んだプラクティスを実践していきます。時々先生も参加する時もあります。
  • Max無元老師によるオンラインクラス10%割引
  • メンバーシップのボーナスを6ヶ月に1度受け取れます
  • 全てのクラスの優先案内
  • クンルンセミナー$100 off
  • イモータルサークル・コミュニティページにアクセス可能(3ヶ月間のメンバーシップ 後のボーナス)
ご入会をご希望の方は [email protected] にお問い合わせください。


Gold Membership

  • Live Whispering Teapot held the first Saturday of the month, except for the months of  Dec. & June you will receive a Japanese pre recorded class.
  • 10% off private zoom sessions
  • Second announcement to all events
  • Bonus after three months but not included in the membership, you will receive access to the Immortals' Circle community page
Registration Available The Last Week of Each Month. Access Begins on the 1st of Each Month.


ゴールド 会員

  • 毎月第一土曜日のウィスパリング・ティーポット(茶壺の囁き)ライブ配信(通訳料金半額=1,000yen)
  • マックス無元老師による個人セッション10%割引
  • 全てのクラスの2番目の優先案内
  • イモータルサークル・コミュニティページよりアクセス可能な3ヶ月間のメンバーシップ 後のボーナス
入会月前月の最終週に新規申し込み受付を行います。各月の1日よりメンバーシップ にアクセス可能となります。
Coming Soon








We are so blessed to be able to share these sacred arts with you. Please know that you are the beginning and the end of your path. There is no try - do or do not. Choose your path and know that you are destined to succeed. We hope that these practices elevate, inspire and deepen your experience of yourself and the great Dao. Your path is your's and your's alone. Please do not compare yourself to others. Search your own heart and find the inner truth within.

When you encounter challenges or when you feel stuck, trust your heart and trust your practices. The One Breath and Five Elements are powerful tools to support you. Do not be fooled by their simplicity. In silence is the great awakening.

Remember that "Mind is Gravity." Everything in this world truly is mind so try not to label any polarities you may experience. The middle path of neutrality is your center and your home.

We are so blessed to be a part of such a loving and awakened community. Take heart knowing that our spirit family shares your journey, celebrates your victories, and honors you on your path. 

In Love & Gratitude,

Primordial Alchemist, Inc